Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Should you buy water4gas books?

As fuel prices reach record highs, alternative means for increasing fuel economy is a necessary marketplace. The two books provided at the water for gas website provided me with the motivation to pursue learning more about the subject and start building a fuel efficiency system.

So to answer the question, IS water4gas a scam? You will have to make your own decision on that subject, because the word scam means different things to different people.

Can you buy the books, learn about extracting hydrogen gas from water to be burned in your engine, build and install a fuel efficiency increasing system that will raise your average fuel economy, the answer is yes.

The author of the book has taken a lot of time to research the subject and try out many different ways of implementing a brown gas hydrogen system that will work on any gas burning car or truck. Water4gas scam: The books come with a money back guarantee, but I will not be returning my copies. I wouldn't feel right, returning these books after what they have taught me.

You will have to make your own decision on whether learning about cutting edge ways to increase fuel economy is worth the price tag and right for you.

I do know this, gas prices will be going much higher and we all need to do something to fight back.

The oil company's and car manufacturers would have you believe that water 4 gas is a scam and nothing can be done to increase fuel economy. This is not true. People who think outside the box and take action are making new rules for average fuel economy.

Water4gas scam update: The money back guarantee is sponsored by the secure payment processor not the owner of the website. You can get your money back with no troubles.

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