Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water4 Gas: Is It For Real?

I understand why the Native American Internet community is having problems believing that water 4 gas is genuine. With all the junk on the wild web you have to be careful. I could be king of the web if I came out and said this system was a full-blown scam.

But after reading the two books plus the bonus book, which total just fewer than 400 pages of facts and information about turning water into fuel. It's hard to call the water4gas system a scam. But Hang in there because this product is not perfect and I will tell you why through out this page!

What the website may not make clear is that you are not purchasing a ready to install system. What you are paying for is an education in ways to increase your fuel economy plus the directions to build your own hydrogen on demand system.

Here are 2 videos that explain both the principles of the water for gas system and also show water4gas installed and operating in a real world test. Both videos are independent productions and the total run time is only 5 minutes.

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